Upcoming events:


Enrolments for 2020 now open.


"Come and try" on 10 February for children from Year 3 or on 12 February for children up to Year 2.

Performances in 2019

Working with our theme for the year "Around the World", we have arranged the following performances for our choir groups:  


Saturday, 6 April: St. James' Cathedral, 4pm (Children's Choir)


Sunday, 28 April: Perc Tucker Gallery Concert, organised by ACVC (Youth Choir)


Sunday, 26 May: 3:30pm at Protea by Prescare, Douglas

Celebrating International Day of Cultural Diversity (Children's Choir and Youth Choir)


Saturday, 22 June: 4pm at Amphitheatre Gregory Street: In a "Studio" concert, the children will present the songs they have been working on in Semester 1. (Children's Choir)


Sunday, 4 August, 1pm: Australian Italian Festival, Ingham (Children's Choir)


Sunday, 18 August, 3pm: Cultural Fest, performance with Alliance Francaise (Youth Choir)


Sunday, 25 August, 2pm: FOTT Variety Concert at PimPAC (Youth Choir)


Saturday, 31 August, 3:30pm: India Fest (Children's Choir)


Sunday, 13 October: Glendi Fest (Youth Choir)


Saturday, 16 November: Villa McAuley Retirement Village (Children's and Youth Choir)


Friday, 29 November: Townsville Eats & Christmas in the City (Children's and Youth Choir)


Friday, 13 December: Triple M Radio, Christmas Street Party, Idalia


Past Performances