Upcoming events:

Sunday, 28 April: 11am Gallery concert at Perc Tucker Gallery (Youth Choir)


Sunday, 26 May: Protea by Prescare, 3:30pm celebrating International Day of Cultural Diversity (Children's Choir)







Performances in 2019

Working with our theme for the year "Around the World", we have arranged three performances of the Children's Choir in semester 1: 


Saturday, 6 April: St. James' Cathedral, 4pm (this is instead of Sunday, 24 March, 

Multicultural Little Day Out, hosted by La Luna Youth Arts which had to be canceled)


Sunday, 26 May: 3:30pm at Protea by Prescare, Douglas

Celebrating International Day of Cultural Diversity


Saturday, 22 June: 

Africa Day Festival, hosted by Spirit of Africa Townsville

Past Performances