Terms and Conditions


Membership conditions

As a member of Amadeus Singers you will be expected to:

- attend rehearsals regularly and on time (if you cannot make a rehearsal you need to let the conductor of your group know)

- follow instructions and perform to your ability during rehearsals and performances

- meet the musical expectations for your age group

- agree to the Code of Conduct of the choir


Musical expectations 

Students in Year 3 to Year 7: sing a given melody, basic knowledge of music notation

Students in Year 8 and above: basic skills in sight-singing 


Photo / Media Consent

By becoming a member, the child's parent or guardian consent to the collection and use of personal images by photography or video recording of the child as member of the Amadeus Singers. They acknowledge these may be used on the Amadeus Singers website, in newsletters and publications as well as distributed to members.

They further acknowledge that the images may be used by advertising partners of Amadeus Singers and performance partners to promote Amadeus Singers in the future.

No personal information, such as names, will be used in any publications unless express consent is given.

The consent is valid for the time of the child’s membership of Amadeus Singers.


Enrolment + Payment

With submitting the membership application form you are signing up for one semester or one year, including performances. Please check the dates carefully to make sure you are able to commit to the rehearsals and performances.


You agree to pay the invoice promptly.