Upcoming events:


Friday, 24 August: National Anthem at 1300SMILES Stadium


Saturday, 13 October, 10am: Sea Songs at Reef HQ Aquarium Townsville






New members are always welcome. 


Group 1 is suitable for students in Prep to Year 2 who love singing and want to perform in a group.

The ability to sing a given pitch and to clap basic rhythms is essential. 


Group 2 is suitable for students in Year 3 to Year 7 who love singing and want to learn singing from sight and sing in parts.

The ability to sing a short given melody, and basic knowledge of music notation is essential. 


Group 3 (Youth Choir) is suitable for students in Year 8 to Year 12, and it is open for students beyond their school education, up to age 21.
This group is an auditioned choir. Knowledge of music notation and basic skills in sight-singing are essential. 



New Members of the Children's Choir: Please click here to apply for membership. After being accepted into the choir you will receive an invoice (no pre-payment needed).  


New Members of the Youth Choir: Please click here


Membership Renewal: If you have been a member of the choir sometime during the last two years and would like to renew your membership, please click here

Fees in 2018

Singers can sign up for a semester or the whole year. New members are welcome at any time of the year. 


Membership Fees

  Group 1 (Prep-Y2) Group 2 (Y3-Y7)
 per semester $160 $240
per year $300 $450

Fees for the Youth Choir Holiday Camps depend on the length of the project. Please check here

Starter Pack

New members need to get the choir shirt and the choir folder ($30 for the Children's Choirs, $50 for the Youth Choir). 


Existing members can order a new shirt when needed ($25 / $35).