Upcoming events:

 23 July, 6pm: Bach and Beyond. Amadeus Singers Youth Choir at Sacred Heart Cathedral


2 August, 7:30pm: Bach by Candlelight 2 (AFCM). Civic Theatre. Amadeus Singers Youth Choir


5 August, 1pm: Brundibar (AFCM Families' Concert). Civic Theatre. Amadeus Singers Children's Choir



New members are always welcome. 


The Tuesday Group is suitable for students in Prep to Year 2 who love singing and want to perform in a group.

The ability to sing a given pitch and to clap basic rhythms is essential. 


The Friday Group is suitable for students in Year 3 to Year 7 who love singing and want to learn singing from sight and sing in parts.

The ability to sing a short given melody, and basic knowledge of music notation is essential. 


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There is no need to print the form. It will be sent directly to the Director, and you will receive a confirmation email with your details. 


Fees in 2017

Singers have the choice of signing up for separate periods or a combination of periods. 


  Tuesday Group Friday Group              
 Period 1  $ 90  $ 120  
Period 2  $ 150  $ 180  
Period 3  $ 130  $ 160   
Periods 1 + 2  $ 225  $ 280   
Periods 2 + 3  $ 265  $ 320  
Periods 1 - 3  $ 340  $ 420